Tradition - Competence - Innovation the right choice without running risks


The constant research of new material, solutions and advance technologies allows to our machines to be competitive in the world-wide territory.


We always take care to keep hight quality
standard on our machines; using materials and spare parts certificate that they can garanty high reliability level in the time.

Technical service

Post-sales service on all our machines in the full respect of the safety rules.
The service is carried out at our company in Gambolò or at a customer's company.


MCR International has a wide range of wood processing technologies that guarantee a
constant high level of performance and the best reliability.

MCR International S.a.s

For more than 40 years we manufactures wood working machines.

We are specialized in the specific sector of edge banding and trimming of panels.
The constant research of new material and advanced technologies allows the productions of up to date and reliable machinery.


Our kwow-how allows us to create the perfect machinery in order to satisfy all your needs.